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Scott Sheehan

(MMR) Project Coordinator

(MMO) Marine Mammal Observer

Studying at Southern Cross University
Bachelor of Marine Science


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Simon Mustoe on October 6, 2010 about Bait Ball of Fun

I am envious - but not for long. Off to Ashmore Reef next week. Plenty of cetacean action out there. Keep it up guys, you're work is fantastic!

Gavin S. on June 22, 2010 about Damaged Dolphins

Not only has this dolphin survived, it has adapted to its disability. It swims with the pod as though nothing had ever happened. The only difference in its behaviour compared to the rest of the pod is that flukes up occasionally. Almost like it is trying to tell us something.

Simon Mustoe on June 22, 2010 about Damaged Dolphins

Mate, that must have hurt eh? Imagine living in the sea and getting half an extremity chopped off!! It's a wonder these animals survive.